Monthly Archives: April 2019

The past year had been a struggle for my 15+ year old yellow lab Daisy. This is one of the last pictures I snapped of her in a favorite spot. One of the toughest times for us was the barks in the middle of the night, usually 2am. I would take Daisy out, walk around to her favorite place in the yard and hope she would relieve herself or something, to help her feel better in that moment.

When we talked about these walks with our vet I said, “the middle of the night walks aren’t so bad on a clear night. I love gazing at the stars with her”. Our vet and my husband were speechless at my gratitude for those special moments with Daisy.

After a visit to the vet where Daisy was diagnosed with pneumonia, I was ready to make a most difficult but sympathetic decision to end Daisy’s struggle. To set her free of boundaries that kept her down. But, my husband and the vet thought with her fighting constitution she just might power through with treatment. I acquiesced.

A few days later, while we were out of town, Daisy chose her moment. Winter is hard, cold, a struggle. Daisy stayed strong through most of this one, but succumbed. She sent the message, “Goodbye for now. Thank you for this wonderful life. Thank you for caring “. It broke my heart not to be there with her. The vet FaceTimed with us, and we all prayed as she sent her spirit running off to heaven.

My father once said that dogs want to leave when they are near their time. They want to save their person the strife of letting go. Of holding on; too tightly. My childhood pet collie Gypsy did just that. She ran away, and a shop owner found her miles from home wandering the avenue. Dad an I jumped in the car, picked her up, and headed to the vet. His report was bad: kidney failure. Gypsy was 12, and it was her time. I guess looking back on Daisy’s life, if we gave Daisy anything, it was the choice when to leave us.

Now, when I see a star filled sky, I see my Daisy.