Steep Learning Curve: DNC Staff Rally Behind Brazile As Democratic Leaders Reportedly Groom Chelsea For Congress

Professor Turley you have made a direct hit to the battleship DNC. And, to all American politics for that matter. I spent 12 hours as a RNC representative at my polling place in Carversville PA, Bucks County, and an additional 4 as a county Vote Count Observer. What I saw from the 77% turnout was a sharp turn to the original ideas of our founding. Trump lost by only 50 votes, but the seed was planted for not so much change but RESTORATION.


220px-donna_brazile_1chelsea_clinton_dnc_july_2016_croppedFor even the armchair political commentator, the results of this election were not surprising. The voters made two things clear from the outset of the election: they wanted a change from the establishment and they did not like Hillary Clinton. The Democratic leadership responded by engineering the selection of perhaps the greatest establishment figure in politics and someone with a record level of unpopularity with voters. On election day, voters followed through on every poll: they voted against Clinton and the establishment. Only the mainstream media and democratic insiders seemed bowled over by the news — shocked that the voters would reject their sage advice and lopsided coverage. Indeed, as someone who contributed to the coverage that night, I was shocked how shocked everyone was. It showed how entirely out of touch the core Democratic leadership (and media) has become. Now, that thick cloak of denial appears firmly in place

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