Happy Pi Day

Where were you, and what were you thinking today @9:26am? I was on the treadmill – literally and figuratively – and the moment was gleefully recognized by the hosts of a Saturday morning news show. Carpe diem! A once in a century moment, I felt privileged to been watching the moment unfold before me…and what was I going to use this moment for? Well, the Pi moment is a metaphor – for life. Here it is, the one and only life you’ll have. Live it. Stop and eat the pie!


pi-pieBy Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

Today is historical, or horological if you prefer. It is a day in which the mathematical representation π aligns with our clock sequence, that is 3/14.

But, this year marks the only time within a hundred years when the month / day / two digit year format can result in the ability to observe π day to its greatest precision

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