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Mandatory voting? So much for the rights of the individual, as well as personal accountability. Individual liberty, the foundation of our America, requires the exercise of free will. Democracy is based upon the personal responsibility of citizens to vote, and “get the government they deserve”. To achieve “a government for the people, by the people” the people must be moved by their desire to the selector of the people that make up their government. That inspiration of self-rule cannot be replaced by a command to vote from the government, otherwise the government is in charge of the people. The passion to engage in our government, although a necessary evil, is the target of our democracy. Free people fully engaged.
American exceptionalism is built from the bottom up – the empowered, engaged, free citizen. No where else on Earth is there such a gem.
What do you think?


Where were you, and what were you thinking today @9:26am? I was on the treadmill – literally and figuratively – and the moment was gleefully recognized by the hosts of a Saturday morning news show. Carpe diem! A once in a century moment, I felt privileged to been watching the moment unfold before me…and what was I going to use this moment for? Well, the Pi moment is a metaphor – for life. Here it is, the one and only life you’ll have. Live it. Stop and eat the pie!


pi-pieBy Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

Today is historical, or horological if you prefer. It is a day in which the mathematical representation π aligns with our clock sequence, that is 3/14.

But, this year marks the only time within a hundred years when the month / day / two digit year format can result in the ability to observe π day to its greatest precision

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